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Why THINKDRIVE? - Our advantages.

彩票北单是什么意思 The whole system uses Infineon fourth generation module, module life than the previous generation length of 2.5 to 3 times, lower switching losses, low residual heat, high temperature, overload, over-current capability.

Control software with independent intellectual property rights, low frequency start torque, plus deceleration time is short, can be modified according to different industries, different customers to meet customer needs.

New hardware design and cooling channel design, the volume compared to the previous generation of products more compact, higher heat efficiency, detection accuracy and response speed is faster, more efficient protection.

Thinkdrive Have a first-class R & D design team Our first-class R&D capability enables us to provide professional customized solutions.

  • Machine,machining center Motor applications to meet different standards
  • Musical fountain The excellent performance of speed.
  • Extruder Excellent torque enhancing function.
  • Air compressor High performance vector control.

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Cooperate with Thinkdrive assured Mr. Chen Zhongshan

Thinkdrive has been working with Thinkdrive for many years, the quality of the product is very stable... [Details]

Thinkdrive is trustworthy! Mr. Zhang Foshan

Thinkdrive gives people the feeling is: professional, rigorous. Thinkdrive is a kind of professional work, the ... [Details]

Thinkdrive products that I really trust Mr. Liu Shenzhen

Thinkdrive product quality is very good, from a year ago to the present, the quality of products has been very ... [Details]

The Thinkdrive service is good!! Miss.Yang Guangzhou

For Thinkdrive had to say, the service is very good, the staff is also very warm, always for our sake... [Details]

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MORE+ Thinkdrive electronic won a number of honors, many customers are sure! 

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Guangdong science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong science and Technology Co., Ltd.Is a focus on motor drive controller, industrial automation controller of the complete independent research and development, Manufacturing, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company has a sincere cooperation with the team. R & D team: to avoid the current domestic traditional copy transplant type of R & D model, has a wealth of field practice and a solid...





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